Life is really rough right now. I was living my dream overseas until I suddenly came down with MS. Now I'm financially stuck living with my family who won't let me go back to school to earn a living wage. I spend all day, every day stuck in bed until the next doctor wants blood work.

Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

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  • Beans617


    I'm sorry this is the situation you're stuck with 💕 hopefully things get better for you soon!

  • SimplyWellRenewal


    That's one thing I learned after working with my functional nurse/nutrionist. Movement and Exercise was 1 step out of 5 I took to get well. Anti-inflammatory diet also was important to me. Prebotic and probotics, stem cell activation are some thing I did to get better and to get well. I have been symptom free med free for 4 years. The 12 lesions I had gone, slurring words and fatique gone. And much more. I am feeling my best the past 4 years. Helping others to do the same. My functional nurse/nutrionist started a group.

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