What do you do when you live every single day in pain with as yo know answer as to what is wrong with me. Every SINGLE MORNING I'm in bad. I'm 32 I was robbed of my life from an undiagnosed condition. One of biggets fears I will absolutely die alone one day and know one will figure what's wrong with me till I'm done and gone. They will probably not even attend my funeral They wont figure out whats wrong with me before its figure it out before its way to late.

Brain Fog

Generalized pain

Excessive Sweating

Memory Loss

Back Stiffness

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  • Tomato


    Hey there, the best thing is to know what is that you suffer from. Sometimes (like in my situation) there isn’t any diagnosis and it’s very frustrating. I found that the only thing that is really helpful is exercising and physical activity. I don’t know why but things like yoga, Pilates, etc are really helpful, both physically and mentally.

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