Hello Everyone,
I know someone asked this before, but has ketamine worked/not worked for anyone? I've tried lots of meds, Electrocunvulsive Therapy (ECT), and am about to finish transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) and nothing has made me completely stop thinking about suicide occasionally although I seem to be improving. Things are really up and down since I got out of the hospital which is good because at least it's not all downs.



Suicidal ideation


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  • David1212


    Hi, first of all, I think you should be proud of yourself that you never stop trying. Your choice to keep trying is like saying you choose life and not suicide and for that, you deserve all the credit. I tried ketamine in the past, and it worked pretty well but I think that it is very individual for everyone because for me it worked great. You should consult your psychiatrist and see what he recommends for further treatment.

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