July 18 of this month, they say I caught COVID but I wasn't sick, just felt like a sinus infection with a runny nose... no Big deal! but a week after the following Wednesday at 8:00 from this restaurant and I think that it gave me food poisoning and ever since then my stomach's been out of control I feel fatigued & drowsy & now my vertigo has flared up. Has anybody ever had after symptoms of the covid, cause I was perfectly fine when I had it 2weeks ago?


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Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)

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  • mtngoat


    Do you think you could have some kind of parasite from the food?

  • ReRee


    I doubt it... I also have IBS an a hernia... They both could be playing against each other making me feel like this... I'm not vomiting and I do eat I just don't eat a lot I think in the last 3 days I've lost Maybe five to six pounds

  • mtngoat


    Gotcha, sounds like you are losing some fluid retention, perhaps? I am assuming you are having bouts of diarrhea. Hope you are feeling better today! IBS and a hernia sound awful.

  • Maddie1608


    I had symptoms two weeks after I had Covid I got pneumonia

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