I've been struggling for 4 years with trying to find a medication that stays working with me. I used zoloft for 5 years and cymbalta for 6 and they were great for me until they stopped working. Now nothing works. I'm constantly anxious, very fatigued to the point of not being able to work (tattoo artist), I'm very worried about my health because I have chest pain,tightness, and maybe palpitations. I just want my life back but I dont know what to do. A lot of the doctors and psychiatrist dont listen or help. Again I havent felt good in 4 years and I'm just so worried I'll never get to feel that way again. I'm scared about dying a lot and not being able to even succeed in my career anymore. I need help desperately. I need a solution so I can have my life back and feel at least somewhat good again. Thank you for reading

Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • JaeAr


    I hope I can take my own advice. Go with your gut when looking for your doc. Never settle. I finally found a great p-doc a few years ago, and feel good in that respect. I am still shopping for a girl did and a dentist, because no one believes me. Keep fighting for yourself.

    • Bridgette


      yup if you wanna keep living you gotta keep fighting

  • talli


    Something that takes a bit more work than medication, but has scientifically been proven to help you, is meditation. I'd recommend trying to meditate for at least 15 minutes in silence, with earplugs in, before you start your day everyday, and see how that helps. I'm 100% you'll start to feel better. There are many books, like 10% Happier, that would very much inspire you if you need. Good luck. :)

    • Derrick8


      thank you I'll look into it :)

  • Dad.of.Many


    You sound like me. I have a body that becomes accustomed to meds so I have to change meds every 3 to 5 years.

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