it feels like my marriage is ending. I just can get through to her. it feels like I have tried everything, and I'm to the point now where I have completely checked out of the relationship. I have gotten better through therapy, and she has not grown at all. couples counseling has not helped. I'm tired of being miserable


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  • Abender


    Hey man, yea relationships can be some of the toughest things in life to go through, especially with someone we love. I’ve gone through my fair share of them that’s for sure. But if it’s one things I’ve learned it’s if you’re done all you can and it’s not working, you have to eventually prioritize yourself and pull the band-aid so you can move on and heal. It’s scary especially the longer you’ve put in time and commitment into something. But that’s the only way to start your healing journey. And psychologically, that’s very necessary. Sometimes we lose touch with ourselves when we put so much time into someone else and yet still feel like there’s no growth. But focus on yourself. Take the time to go through the motions, but force yourself to get to know yourself again. Get back to your passions and enjoyments. You never know what’s going to happen with anyone in the future, but we lose ourselves in relationships. We become so enmeshed with others and lose sight of ourselves. But be open to possibility, don’t force anything. Let things just happen naturally and be mindful of your needs.

  • dabzZz


    I'm sorry to hear this, my marriage dissolved as well. Lost my house, lost everything. Was so close to the edge, ended up in a hospital for a couple weeks, just to get released and due to a miscommunication, no meds available. So just raw dogging this bullshit life until I really go all the way through, sorry for the over share, but I need help

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