Is an official Autism diagnosis worth it? I want to be able to foster kids one day and I've heard you can't with a diagnosis.

Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

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  • Gaz


    I believe this only applies in some states? I'm not sure though... but it's worth it to be sure that you do have autism

  • Phoinyxisnotonfire


    I don't have a formal diagnosis for autism but 8 of my autistic friends gave the my diagnosis and it makes sense. I do a lot of what is commonly seen as 'autistic' traits. I say, if you want it get it.

  • megabyte


    Hey, I’ve been struggling with this decision as well. I agree that it’s only necessary if you need accommodations. I’m learning there are lots of ways in which a formal autism diagnosis can restrict you and it can result in worse medical care because of biased doctors. I personally won’t get one until I encounter a barrier because of not having it.

  • sleepyhippo


    For me it's definitely worth it. My former doctor wouldn't believe me but the validation made me feel so good. Also now as I'm searching for a job I know I'll be able to get the accomodations I need.

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