So my boyfriend and I are going to Six flags and then a concert tomorrow. Iv called him out befor for looking at other girls. He is extremely loyal and we have an AMAZING relationship. He’s talked to me about it since he knows I’m insecure and basically he said “I can’t help it, I’m not looking at them and thinking oh I want to be with them or anything, it’s just a quick glance”. I’m have very low self esteem. I’m not worried at all that he’s gonna cheat on me it’s more of my own issue and intrusive thoughts. When I see him look at other girls my brain is like “oh he wishes he could be with someone as hot as them, He wishes i looked like that, he doesn’t even find me attractive”. I know none of this is true but I don’t know how to handle these thoughts and stuff. Has anyone had similar experiences?

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  • TrashPanda1302


    Unfortunately my ex put me through the same things, except he would show me explicit content and say things like "Why can't you look like that" or "I'd give anything to have a night with her". Hearing those things from someone you love genuinely hurts, and your feelings are completely valid. I would reccomend sitting him down and having a serious discussion with him. You deserve to feel 110% comfortable and confident with your significant other

  • KGarrett


    Now that Im older I have a different perspective, I really dont care if my SI looks ,as long as its not a stare, but he is with me, and I trust that he stays because he loves me. Have an honest conversation about how it makes you feel. If your person cares enough they will be more conscious of their behavior and stop, if it continues, maybe you should move on , but really give them a chance be honest, and see if they are willing to make the change.

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