I'm so depressed and not motivated to do anything like I used to. it's really hard and to watch the ppl around me not know how to help. scared about getting a therapist and starting meds and putting it all into motion is scary.


Anxiety (Including GAD)

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  • Aggie08


    You’re not alone

  • SumShine84


    I have been feeling the exact same way. Depressed, no motivation. Don't be afraid to seek help.

  • Lostme


    I was terrified to talk to a doctor an have no patience to sit in a waiting room . I contacted cerebral an online doctor. It saved my life. They started me on my meds and I didn't have to try a bunch before I found what was right for me. I'm here today because I decided enough was enough I was tired of feeling alone. Having my family look at me like I was "crazy" and over all hating my life. I don't do the therapy but probably should. I say seek help it will help u get into a better place

  • geezelouise


    😥😥 thank you I have trust issues and my words are valuable to me and im jobless because I don't want to hate going to work. I want to love or at least like what I do. I start to get overwhelmed with the tasks at hand

  • Mazzyllene


    The worst part of depression, in my opinion, is lack of motivation. Start with something small. Get out of bed, shower, brush hair and teeth, and maybe throw on something nice smelling.

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