I’m just venting, if I don’t get it out. I’ll never stop crying. I am not a bad person. This damn depression makes me forget things. I’m sorry I didn’t call today. I was very busy with work. You knew where I was. At work! I’m sorry. No need to keep rubbing it in. I feel horrible that I didn’t call. Ugh things like this make me wish I wasn’t here ugh!!


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  • PledgeofTray


    relax take a xan and a sip of wine or cup of coffee and breath

  • Ladybugs7777


    Give yourself permission to mess up at times. You were at work, that's amazing and wonderful because many depressed people are not able to keep a job. Whoever is upset about the call.....needs to give you a break.

  • Gypsy_Soul


    Don’t beat yourself up-try to talk to yourself the way you would talk to someone you care about that forgot something, you’d probably cut them some slack, so do the same for yourself. I know it’s easy advice to give & I have to practice it hourly. I just got home from the grocery store and walked into my house w/o the groceries & had no recollection of putting them in the car…so I start to panic and talk down to myself because I am scarily forgetful lately. I agree with the person that said to take a deep breath and if necessary take a xan too. I’m finding myself needing the Xanax more than ever before lately due to such high anxiety & depression, I wish it wasn’t so but it helps so much with the anxiety & CPTSD. Take care of yourself 🤍

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