I’m currently living with my parents to save on rent. I just got in a huge fight with them about how I’m “free-loading food, resources, and responsibilities” - aka I’m just a burden. At this point with my physical and mental illnesses, I feel like a huge burden to everyone, including myself. What’s the point of moving forward with living if I’m only gonna drag everyone else down with me? If I’m not wanted anywhere, no one will really care if I’m gone… perhaps they may even be relieved….. 😓😓😓


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  • Lunarwave


    They wouldn't be relieved, I get in fights too but at the end of the day they do love you, and you're not dragging everyone down that is your own mindset, I'm sure you make a difference in somebody's life and on the off chance you don't, and by having this app you will be given opportunities to talk to people. I get the feeling, been there before. If you have the opportunity you could try and go to someone's house nearby that you know.

  • MrWinter


    I don't know the whole story. I'm not insinuating anything here, this is just my personal experience. Please take it with a grain of salt. I have been both a burnout, no prospects, punk young adult who definitely should have helped out more, and now also the extended familial bread winner who wishes my kids would take the trash out every once in a while. I think deep down every parent wants to see their kid do better, be better, live better than they did. Some just dont have the emotional capacity to express that in a productive manner. I had the same argument with my father way back, and down the road when he gradually obtained the vocabularly necessary to express himself, he just told me he wanted better for me. I understand you have a very bleak outlook on the situation, but things can get better. Ultimately, your life is not worth derailing over a living arrangement. No one would be relieved. Not a single person. I thought I was a burden too regardless of wether I was or not. It got me to some very low moments in life. But, for me, the only way I got myself to stop feeling like that was to progress. It aint easy. But the ability to do so is well within you. You got this.

  • Cece7


    You are definitely not a burden. You are someone who is dealing with horrible health issues and is struggling just to survive daily. If someone finds that to be burdening it is on them, not on you. You are worth much more than how anyone makes you feel or how anyone thinks of you. I’m completely sure if you were not around they would be heartbroken. It doesn’t matter how much you disagree on, they would be broken. Please do not consider ending things or even entertain those thoughts at all. You are worth loving and you are going to get through this. You have so much strength to get through everything you’ve already done. You will get through this and you will see brighter days ahead of you. 💕

  • ChrisTea


    I think we all feel like burdens. It's the nature of the beast. The great lie is that people wouldn't miss us and they'd be relieved. It's a lie. Being around people who just don't get how hard day to day is can be incredibly daunting. You have to learn to be your own advocate. Explain how your brain works if you can and then make sure you're doing what you can to contribute. Some days that's nothing, other days it's the world. Good luck love

    • 4byfour


      I really like this answer

  • Jan_Marie


    I’m in the same situation and understand that feeling well

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