I wake up every morning and ask myself the same question, "why am I still alive?" I have no kids, no lover, no friends and the family I do have is in pieces, I have no job, I can't work the jobs I normally would because my hands have developed pains when I close them and no one will hire people without experience so I'm starting from scratch. what is my purpose for breathing?


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  • Andrewmills


    I can’t walk that well my right leg and arm doesn’t work right, my mom and stepdad take care of me tho , I can’t work I can’t drive, I have a brainstem tumor

  • Awkweird


    To be alive, God has a purpose for everyone. I'm a two time brain tumor survivor on disability and unable to work but I live my life everyday knowing that God is working diligently to create a new world for us.

  • PhotonMike


    I really enjoy board games and something that helped for me was thinking "I've got to last until Frosthaven [a Kickstarter game] is released." Don't know why it worked, especially because I didn't even back the game. I also don't know how that hack got past the "decreased interest in things" that came with my depression.

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