i missed all my appointments I'm very scared to hear something is wrong I think. I don't understand why I'm this way. I hate this


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  • shymermaid


    I understand I worry about things even when I know there's nothing wrong.

  • msgobbles


    I totally get this. Been basically having the worst year of my life. I've had so many appointments and tests that I really wanted to skip but I knew I had to go. In those appointments they did find things wrong. But one of the good things about going to the doctors is that if they do find something, there a better chance they can take care of it early on before things get worse

  • stingray


    I missed my yearly checkups since 2019 because of a situation similar to yours. I’m still scared, but doctors are a lot nicer than I made out in my mind. They didn’t find anything wrong with me besides vitamin deficiency and all of the symptoms I thought were gonna kill turned out benign. Like the other commenter said, you should make an appointment before anything potentially gets worse. Take care of yourself 💕

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