I have chronic inflammation that advil and curcumin are not fixing. what do you take that works? I need 2 shoulder replacements now, need to get on something before it's my knees next


Ankylosing Spondylitis (AS)

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  • NotMatt


    Cannabis and low dose naltrexone is my duo. Lots of stretching and 30 minute walks. My doctors have talked about immune suppressants like Humira too, I've never tried it because I have other autoimmune diseases but I've heard they help a lot of people like us considering that its our immune system attacking ourselves, so the medicine should stop that from happening.

  • Teardrops


    I have a long list of medications and supplements I take. I just started the low dose naltrexone and taking some CBD oil too. I know that makes it hard to know if the naltrexone works. But at this point the pain is so intense in my lower back, hips, thigh and knees. I also take collagen, Turmeric and omega 3. All those were recommended by my pain management doctor. I don’t know if the dosages need to be different for those to work too.

    • NotMatt


      my doctor told me it takes 9 months to feel the full affect of LDN so don't give up on it. Good luck from there:)

  • Teardrops


    9 MONTHS??????? Holy Cow!!!! Not acceptable to me. I am in excruciating pain. It’s not helping. Nothing is working. I can’t live like this I just can’t deal with this kind of pain. I am not going to hurt myself but it’s difficult to live like this!!!

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