i have been so depressed lately. i started my sophomore year of college and at first i was pretty motivated and things were going well. but now i can barely get out of bed to go to classes and work. i think i want to drop out because i am so constantly exhausted and falling behind. if anyone has any advice or experience on dropping out of college i’d love to hear it.

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  • Tomato


    Hey there, my only advice for you is to wait and see how things go. After dropping out of college there is no turning back. Do you get the assistance that you need? Have you met with a therapist or even a college advisor?

  • JingleP


    Hi, I recently dropped out of college because of the same things basically. It’s just not feasible for me right now. It’s nothing to be ashamed of and you can restart again later. Before you do though, try to exhaust all the resources you can from the school if you haven’t already, since once you drop out you have to start all over again. Talk to counselors and advisors, get accommodations from the disability office. You could take your exams in your own room with extra time, maybe they could give you other students notes. Lower your course load and go to part time. If going to community college or a different college feels feasible you can ask about transferring your credits. Also talk to the financial office. I dropped out just last month and apparently I couldn’t have my financial aid since I didn’t attend 60% of the semester. Fortunately I did it in time to get a 50% refund on my tuition anyway so the price ended up not changing much. It would’ve been really upsetting to find out I had to pay more when I barely attended… Best of luck. It can be a pretty big decision in the moment but do what’s best for you right now 💕

  • Lunarr


    Definitely second everything JingleP said. I'm a junior in college right now and the disabilities coordinator told me last year that weeks 6-10 are when the most people have breakdowns each semester. It's the midterm stress slump if you will, extremely stressful and overwhelming for everyone but especially worse for those of us with chronic and/or mental illness. I go through it each year and my mental and physical health plummet for a while. Evaluate your options and see if things improve following some of those resources. The folks at your school want you to do well and will try their best to help you if you ask. If that doesn't work out, don't be ashamed to take a gap semester or drop out entirely. Not everyone follows the same path and that's okay 👍🏼

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