i have a big sore coming in on my lip :( i can feel a huge bump underneath the skin and the start of a few small bubbles) it's the first one i've gotten in a while and i dont have my valacyclovir so i need to call tomorrow to have it filled for me. these always come in times of great stress or upset but they make me even more upset and stressed because i work in retail so a lot of people see my face. i would never judge someone for theirs and id hope people wouldn't judge me but stigma surrounding it is still quite strong especially in my city. i just wanted to mini-vent a little. any advice is appreciated or if you just want to leave some kind words for the next person

Herpes Simplex

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  • Jaii


    I’d wear a face mask. Covid and Monkeypox is still a thing so I’d just wear one. No one would be suspicious about anything. 💓 you’ll be okay & try not to worry about things out of your control. Go with the flow! 💕

  • tornaydo


    If people judge you they’re nasty, ignorant and rude. That’s their problem and not yours ❤️ it passes, and 70% of the UK population has HSV1 so you’re in the majority here!

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