I feel like I'm the abnormal one when ever I talk to anyone they always seem so happy, content, able to have conversations and connect with others. why am I so different, I learned to force myself to smile in 4th grade so I would look approachable it worked for 3 years then I started to withdraw tried to run away from home but there was nowhere to run. tried to end it during freshman year I failed at that too. it's like this perpetual vortex of sadness just doesn't stop I tried asking for help once talk about how I tried to end it but I was just put in a psych ward for a week. I just wanted someone to talk to but now I have too much anxiety to even text people. sometimes I do think about stepping in front of a train but then I think about everyone being late for work so I sit back down.


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  • Bmanlittle


    You and not abnormal even the happiest people you see in your life might be the exact opposite away from you and others. I know the feeling of not having the ability to converse with people, but for me it's doing something every week as a goal to at least try (not saying you're not) and prove to yourself that it's all in your mind. I'm happy to see that you failed at taking your life, I know it's cliche and everyone says it, but you are here for a reason someone in this world needs you and so does this world, every time you have any thought of it just remind yourself of what makes you amazing and take some deep breathes and walk away to do something to take it off of your mind. As for the talking part I would love to talk with you and see just how amazing you really are! I hope to hear from you

  • FallonSpaag


    I have been hearing a lot of neurodivergent people who have recently discovered that they are neurodivergent that a lot of their anxiety and depression is tied into situations like this. If you are neurodivergent, that sense of alienation is not unusual. If you have never been tested for neurodivergence, it's a good thing to put on your list. If it turns out you are, then there are resources available to help. If it turns out you're not, well you've checked one thing more off the list. Let us know

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