I feel like I have so much to live for..but I have no friends no job do to my pain and I'm fed up with living this way. how do I get out of this way of life when I hurt every day ..same day on repeat.


Dihydrocodeine & Paracetamol

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  • PledgeofTray


    hi what’s your pain medication and etc

    • ArkansasGirl


      hydrocodone 7.5/325 but it's just not working..I keep telling the dr but it's no use

  • Poeticgmama


    I was feeling this way a few days ago. Well Father you saw fit to give me life. Amiss trouble, heartache and strife. Therefore I put my Trust in you..because I know you are capable for all you set to do. Therefore I thank you for another day. Please lead,.I'll follow, as you show the way.

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