How much of a difference does Valacyclovir make for herpes simplex symptoms and outbreaks? I haven't been taking it long enough to know but would like to know what to expect. I've only ever had 2 outbreaks before taking the medicine, both were about a week of flu like symptoms and 2 weeks of sores and painful urination.


Herpes Simplex


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  • sharkbait1097


    For me it took about two weeks, I take 1 mg daily. If i miss a dose or run out of my meds I’ll get a outbreak pretty quickly. As long as I take it t daily I get absolutely no symptoms it’s been a live saver for me.

  • SpicyGingerrr


    I have used it before. It was really effective for me. Me being diabetic, I get them super bad and out of control. This helps speed up the process and stop the lesions from spreading

  • Figarro


    I was taking it regularly for awhile but it didn't seem like it was working all that great. I've tried more natural things like oregano oil and l-lysine. Both of those seemed to work okay. The oil of oregano in particular worked immediately after taking it. Hope this helps.

    • Kdee


      with the oregano oil do you just put it on your outbreak ? Or do you take it before an outbreak occurs

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