How much better does it get?

Today is a relatively good day. I’m managing my symptoms, I’m going outside and grabbing the things I need. Of course I’m not going above and beyond, but I did the bare minimum so far today and I feel ready for work today.

I just want to ask how much better does it get? I’ve been depressed since a kid. Sometimes I think I’m addicted to it, because when something good happens I immediately want to go back to being depressed. Idk what to do cuz between a basic day, a really good one and a really bad one, I feel below average still. Does it get better? Or do we just manage it?


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  • Blank.Ellio


    It's get better because we manage it better. You will always be below average in mental health but it doesn't matter. It's apart of you, and don't compare yourself to the rest of the world. Life will always have it's ups and downs, If you feel like you are in a down then always remember that it gets better down the road. Never be near sighted ❤️

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