How do you cope with feeling hopeless? I’m in the process of adjusting my medication so hopefully I’ll see improvement soon, but in the immediate term, what kinds of things do you tell yourself to make it through the day?



Bipolar Disorder

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  • Reapunzel


    My mantra is I can do hard things. Like seriously. You're living each day with no hope? You're a freaking Bad@$$. My second mantra is This is Temporary. It won't last forever. Just one step at a time.

  • BeeHappy


    I try scheduling things to look forward to. I also consider what might be triggering that hopeless feeling and make a list small of things I could do to feel less hopeless. So if I'm intimidated by a pile of work or a lot of tasks that feels overwhelming, I'll break tasks into small bits and just start. Baby steps. If I feel hopeless about friends, I try nurturing my friendships or reaching out to new people. Or thinking about things I'm grateful for. So I guess I don't have a great saying, but I think "This feeling will pass. On Saturday it's going to be nice seeing my friend."

  • Dorkasaurus


    I just know that I will feel hopeful again when the right chemicals are in my body, so it helps me discredit it. So I gotta fucking put up with it until then and avoid all triggers because my life depends on it. I still have suicidal episodes for days, but I'm lucky I've learned how to handle episodes and keep them short with the right support.

  • Barbiegrl


    When I’m very low i remind myself of the people that love me, that i live on for. It could also be helpful to just write down all the things you’re feeling in a journal or online journal. I hope things get easier for you soon

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