Im new in the United States, I’m from Colombia, I’m 26, i have pure O ( the pure obsessive form of OCD) it all started when i was 16, i had my first panic attack/anxiety crisis, i didnt have help until i was like 22, I don’t know how did I managed to live a normal life all those years without medical help. In 2018 i had my last big crisis but I couldn’t recover by myself so i started zoloft it helped me, but the doctor didn’t give me a higher dose than 50mg so i think i had some symptoms, however, 4 weeks ago the doctor thought was a good idea to reduce my zoloft from 50 to 25mg i felt ok for 2 says but then i started to feel my mind full of negative thoughts, intrusive thoughts, obsessing about past events and then boom! Physical symptoms. So three weeks ago i started with sertraline im sleeping good again, and i feel good in general, but i still having moments of anguish and negative thoughts or intrusive thoughts where i cry thinking i have to live with this disorder my whole life even though I have been trough this in the past or when i worry about random things like what would i had done if i were alive 100 years ago without medication (i was watching a serie). I would like to know your stories and get some hope in this difficult time❤️ thank you guys!

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    I’m sorry , I have not been on any medication and I’m scared to ask for help. But I think it’s time my body is feeling it

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