Hi! I’m here looking for people who are likeminded. I am an active 59 years young. I absolutely love hiking! It’s my favorite thing to do! It clears my head and makes me feel alive. I don’t want to ever give it up! I used to love to run but my knees have put an end to that (for now). I really like trail running. It’s easier on my knees! I like biking and traveling. I have a home in South Dakota where I go in the summer months and a home in Arizona that I go to in the colder months. The warmth helps a lot with my arthritis. I don’t let my conditions slow me down because there’s too much living to do! Im looking for any suggestions to keep me active. Im also looking at a total knee replacement being in my very near future. I’ve been very very nervous about getting one as I don’t want it to take away from what I love doing. Well I’ve rambled on long enough. Just want to say im happy to have found Alike and hope to talk to others who are like me. Thanks for reading!

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    I suffer with severe rheumatoid. I find that epson salt along with green alcohol helps to soothe my joints in a hot bath. I also recommend rubbing some voltaren after you exercise this will help ease the pain.

  • vickie1964


    Im active as well but i also have muscular dystrophy but im 58 and active. You can also go to a medical supply facility and they have 100 percent natural rubs

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