Hi. I officially ran out of my medication Wednesday or Thursday I haven't had any since. No one will even give me an emergency refill. Four days without my medication. It feels so quiet now. This is why I want an alternative. I have actually been able to sleep for more than a few hrs. when I take the medicine my brain is always busy always going. It has been that way for almost 18 years. I like this.


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  • lizzy.larbearsgirl


    Lamotrigine has been a life saver for me! I was diagnosed with schizophrenia at 29. But my Dr wasn't sure about that diagnosis since I knew I was sick (most schizophrenia suffered don't realize they are) but nothing else seemed to fit since my psychosis was so bad. I was on like every antipsychotic out there and nothing helped more than 6 months. So in 2018 (at age 36) I stopped all my meds. And had a bad psychotic break in 2019. And ended up in the hospital one time after in early 2020 and my diagnosis was changed to bpd so they put me on lamotrigine and I haven't been in the hospital since! Which is a miracle for me. When I was averaging 4 hospital stays a year. And when I was leveling out I still had some rough times but it's been 2 years without any hallucinations or voices and no more nightmares!! (I have had bad nightmares all my life, until 2 years ago) ! But I do have the sleep issues! But I actually like being awake to enjoy life when I was sick all I did was sleep. I hated. It. Maybe you can ask you Dr about something to help you sleep?

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