Hi guys. So my name is Cassidy I’m 19. Very recently I was diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder. My partner was constantly pressuring me to go get a diagnosis. I personally felt like I did not have Bipolar Disorder but went for him. I figured I must have a behavior that is affecting him for him to feel so strongly about it, and always asking me to get looked at. Sure enough I was diagnosed. It’s not enough for him though. Now he’s accusing me of actually having BPD and is once again pressuring me to go back and get a “real diagnoses” every small disagreement he just blames on me “having” BPD and then when it escalates he uses it against me. I have been officially diagnosed with anxiety for quite a few years now so then I get anxious and lack control in my emotions. I either shut down or get defensive and the whole thing is just a mess. Should I seek a BPD diagnoses? Should I try and undo my BD diagnoses? I’m really confused and feel like I don’t actually have these symptoms or conditions, but he wants me to.

Bipolar Disorder

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  • Downtown_Surround


    I would do more research on BD and BPD before considering looking to change/add a diagnosis. It seems very weird to me that your partner is pressuring you into getting a diagnosis, perhaps there is an underlying reason to your partner being so pushy. You should never be pressured to receive a diagnosis.

  • Orangemarigold


    It could be good to do your own research and talk to your psychiatrist but I’m not sure it sounds very healthy how your partner is trying to pressure you into getting a diagnosis just so he can blame things on them.

  • mrsking0322


    Could be both, could be him confusing symptoms. Do some research

  • CassidyM


    Hi guys. I appreciate all the replies but I've definitely done plenty of research and do not feel more needs to be done. I am fairly confident I don't have either of these disorders.

  • Tofu14


    If you already talked to someone and they thought you also had BPD then you would have been diagnosed with both. It sounds like you have done quite a bit of reflecting which is good. It might be worth getting a second opinion if the bipolar if you really don’t feel like you have it. However sometimes professionals see things we don’t so if you are interested in undoing it, I’d see what another professional says:) Your relationship sounds like it’s in a difficult place right now. It is okay for partners to ask you to get help but it is not okay for them to do it in ways that make you feel uncomfortable and it is not at all fair for him to bring it up every time you have an argument. It sounds like he is not treating you well right now. If you want to chat with someone who has bipolar or want some support right now, feel free to reach out. I’m 21 by the way!

  • Weets


    There are simple tests to diagnose BPD. If you want to know for sure ask your psych

  • Owlgirl424


    It is your business of whether or not you get a diagnosis!!! No pressure should be added to you!

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