hey y'all, it's been cold and not helping with my spine, arthritis etc. Haven't felt like reaching out much. Weather is warmer ☺️🕯️ and praying to get back to ✍️ and other things.
hard to feel creative with this pain and not getting medicine for it. I'm not doing the spine injections, for me it's too risky and creepy. Medical marijuana is a big help. Take care my friend's. I will be back when can!

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Osteoarthritis (OA)


Fibromyalgia (FM)

Intervertebral Disc Displacement

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  • Lolita


    I’ve heard of many people who benefit from marijuana. Unfortunately, it doesn’t help me even a bit

  • spiritkitty


    😥💕🙏🤗 Hi Sorry it doesn't help at all. It does not help my pain. It can make me feel creative and lighten up sometimes. I really appreciate you sharing that with me and being a friend here. For sure! I tried having some coconut 🥥 rum but it only helped maybe 10 %. The only thing gives me some relief is my headache med. Hoping you find something safe to help. Blessings for your weekend. Will always answer back, even on crappy days! 🐚☮️🕊️😜

  • Joanie1954


    I live in Wisconsin where medical marijuana is still illegal....sucks! Weather is definitely a factor!!

    • 55isMe


      option, check your county, city. I remember hearing that the fines went all tge way down to $1. So even though not legal, in a sense, it is allowed. That $1 may be Milwaukee. Im nit sure. Just saying, look up the consequences, maybe it isnt really a hindrance. Just watch the quantity too.

      • Joanie1954


        Well, thanks, I'll check it out.

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