Hey guys, any suggestions on the best brands of wireless noise canceling headphones? I’d prefer for it also to be able to connect to Bluetooth if possible so I can play music. I have severe misophonia (extreme Sensitivity to noise repetition, for me specifically chewing sounds and picking nails, etc) which hinders me from eating out with family or going to certain stores that I know will overstimulate me (and possibly send me into a panic attack). I hate this problem and with Christmas and thanksgiving coming up, I want to be prepared for the holidays so I can enjoy a meal with my family. Ty!


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  • Timbar1995


    Hi, I use bose wireless headphones. They are excellent and have excellent noise blocking. If you're an iPhone user, I've heard that the new AirPods Pro also offers noise blocking that's not bad at all. Before you buy maybe go to the store and try to see how much it helps you and if they are comfortable after all it's not a cheap product.

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