My brother just went through a break up with a girl he really cares about. My husband saw him today and could tell he was just really struggling. Having trouble talking to people, really staying to himself and not eating much. I was wondering if you have any suggestions on what sort of things to do to help someone you know struggling with a break up? I’m trying to think of ideas but I usually comfort girls during these times so trying to get in the mind of how a boy might handle this. Is there something I can bring him or do that you think would help? I worry with the holidays it’s just even harder for him being around friends or family without her. Appreciate any advice!


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  • Hinami


    Im a girl so perhaps i cant give the best advice but.. men usually say “i wanna be alone” and they mean it. They need it. I used to force my male friends to be around even when they say that but i found out; they must have it. I believe regularly checking on him even with a text saying, ask him if he ate well and continuously tell him you believe in him and he can learn from this. Can really help. Space & care is what I can advice. Hope others give you better ones!

  • AnimalBoy


    Bring him food he really likes a lot and make sure he knows you're there for him when hes ready and check in on him occasionally while still letting him know he doesnt need to worry about socializing with you or anything like that when you check in, this works especially for if he doesn't want to be around people and is usually best done through text messages so theres less pressure or obligation but the sentiment and offer of support is still there. If/when he does seem interested in socialization you could try to take him out of the house to do something he likes to do and/or help him get back on top of anything he neglected during his depression, most people neglect cooking and cleaning so coming over to cook with him and have a meal together or help him clean up his living area could be really helpful for him. Typically guys are very physical and in the moment so we often prefer to do things that will increase our mood with people we love to get over rough patches then to try to talk it out, or at the very least do so to get to a point that we can emotionally handle talking it out if that's necessary. Obviously not all guys are the same so it's possible that these techniques just aren't meant for your brother, but as a guy who was raised by and around other guys this is usually the best attempt to help out and make him feel supported.

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