I came on here to get the help I need I just had a break up last night with my gf and we broke up because of me I messed up and I caused it and my mom died last year I was very much Depressed and always craving sex and when we go in college breaks and when I’m not around her I would text other people I am in counseling fixing that but wanna get the correct help that I need I’m trying to get her back.

Attention-Deficit Disorder

Personality Disorder (PD)


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  • Eddieagain


    I am in a similar sitioson, broke up with her and I messes it up I am not giving g up o. My gf but I am about to give up on me

    • BigWaldi01


      thanks bro I appreciate that let’s talk man we gotta check in each other Ion wanna find no other girl I just want my gf back it’s cuddle season and ik i fuckked up but I’m willing to fix it but she said she need time

      • Eddieagain


        alright listen to me, I am a tad bit young, all I know is your gonna want to be that girls everything andhow? Implement yourself into her life, now I'm young and gift giving is a big one and it doesn't have to be a half a million dollar car you know? A letter perhaps take pictures together, go on trips and buy her gifts, something menaingful something sentimental that you guys will bring with you until you guys are 100 you know? Implement yourself, surround yourself with her becsude you know damn well she makes you happy, and surround her with you, make her happy, make her knoe your worth it

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