Hello. I hope people can help with this. I have chronic kidney disease and got a kidney transplant last year in august. I have had a uti that went to my kidney in April and was admitted to the hospital. Was given oral and intravenous antibiotics. Wasn’t feeling great so I went to get checked for another uti and it was positive. Anyone else had this problem before? I’m worried about my kidney function now and I wanna get labs but can’t until thanksgiving when I’m home because where I am in college doesn’t take my insurance.

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  • crumbs


    Yes..... I'm 10 years post transplant and I get UTIs and kidney infections all the time. But as long as your kidney function is stable it's not hurting it

  • cobbo93


    Be careful the uti doesn't turn into sepsis I had a severe uti once that went septic and I nearly had all my organs shutting down. If my mom called the ambulance 10 muns later I would have died. Please check and be on the lookout for symptoms of sepsis with utis.

  • cobbo93


    My transplanted kidney took a beating went from 70% to 35% but it did go back up to 60% and has stayed stable. I've had sepsis 5 times over the last 4 years.

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