how can you really recover from a severe heartbreak. I try to do everything but it just gets me more and more depressed to the point I just eantnto end it to end the pain

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  • Ladoo


    I've never been in a relationship so I apologize if this isn't helpful, but I would say date yourself. Take yourself on dates, do what you couldn't do, and put yourself first. Right now you are in recovery, which means you will heal. Give yourself some love and care because you are a human who deserves it. Reaching out is also a big step to your recovery. Best of luck to you

  • moonstonesrocks


    Thank you for your advice.

  • chronicchemist


    It's hard to accept currently, but think about how many people are out there in the world. And how many of those people have you met? You have not even met 10% of the people out there who would be a good match for you, so you need to tell your brain that there is hope out there for you. Take the heartbreak as a learning lesson- what went wrong in this relationship that led to the breakup in the first place? What can you learn about yourself, how you communicate, and what qualities are you actually attracted to? What is important for you in a relationship? All of these are good things to reflect on so that you can be better than you are now and so that you are ready for the next person to come into your life. You deserve to heal and grow and if you take this time to find out who you are and how you can improve your communication in a relationship, it will mean that next time you will be more keen to see when things are going wrong and how you can fix that to improve your relationship

  • Cece7


    I would start a journal and write down everything you’re feeling every day. Someday you will look back on those notes when everything has come into place for you and you’ll realize how temporary these emotions truly are because things can always get better. It helped me through my divorce at least and now I’m remarried to a much better guy. Just take care of yourself and make your growth and happiness your priority right now

  • Robhimself


    I was left high and dry after a 13 year marriage, if you are feeling that much pain then you must have tried really hard and are stuck rethinking everything, not sure how long it's been for you but there's another side... you see how much that person truly never cared and start to realize how much better off you are without being put down every day or arguing about nonsense or being told you aren't good enough.... I know that pain well I hope you are ok. always here to talk..... 🙂

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