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does anyone take abilify or remeron, or Slynd, and deal with the side effect of headaches? I suffer from tension headaches a lot, and migraines sometimes, but ever since I've started the first two medications, I've had headaches that were not like my normal. So I just wonder, what kind of headache did they give you? mine seems to be kind of a band that goes across my forehead and around through the back of my head, from there up to the top of my head, and sometimes further down the back of my head like a tension headache, but I've noticed sometimes, especially when I close my eyes, I get these throbs of pain that almost seemed to make a sound. at least, my brain registers them as a sound, and I don't really know how else to describe it, but it almost kind of sounds like the iconic stabbing in the shower scene music from the movie Psycho. I'll close my eyes, and it'll throb like that anywhere from twice to about a dozen times, and then seem to stop, even though my head still hurts, until the next time I close my eyes, and then it will do it again. I know that none of my headache prescriptions have helped with it, So I'm just wondering if anybody else has experienced something like this on these medications, and how long it lasted for you, or if you were able to do anything to make it better? I almost don't want to believe that it is any of the medications that I listed, because I feel like I'm on a ridiculously low dose of all of them. 2 mg of abilify, 15 mg of remeron, and slynd it's just a 4 mg progesterone birth control. I used to take 10 mg of progesterone every night, many years ago, and it never gave me headaches, but yeah. Hope this makes sense to someone, because I feel kind of crazy every time I try to describe them to someone.

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I cannot provide personal experiences, but it is possible that medications like Abilify, Remeron, or Slynd could cause headaches as a side effect. If you are experiencing unusual headaches after starting these medications, it is important to discuss your symptoms with your healthcare provider. They can help determine if the medications are causing the headaches and suggest appropriate adjustments or alternative treatments.

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