Has anyone had Covid, although mine was minor, and came out with more extreme pain?

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  • Andi71


    I actually got the vaccine late last summer and I started experiencing a dramatic health decline. Extreme pain. Hair loss.

  • LadyPasta1


    No. Haven't had Covid or the vaccine.

  • Firbo


    I have somehow dodged it so far!

  • Mamasboys


    I have had Covid twice in fhe past two years. It was worse fhe first time but not extreme. I have had a flare for a long time after and yes hair loss as well. I have rashes as well although minor but very annoying. Also bad congestion that never seems to go away.

  • 55isMe


    I had 3 covid vaccines, moderma. And covid in Feb 2022. No problems with vaccine 1 or 2. The 3rd, the booster, had with flu vaccine at same time (Jan 2022). I do not recommend together because i did have flu like symptoms tgat time. I really think id be a goner without that booster. Even with it and 4 weeks later, covid hit me like a tidal wave. Felt a bit ubder one day, tested negative. Next day hard to breath, more like croup, and tested positive in seconds. 30 hours later, bulk was done. But, yes. Migraines back up at 3x per day (like after surgery)

    • KRimbey


      yes I had all my shots but I got mild form I just had severe sinus headache, fever and 10 times the aching all over. Everything left after a week but the pain all over, although it dropped down to 5 times what I'm use to

  • QuestionQueen


    I had Covid at Christmas — it didn’t impact my level of pain.

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