does anyone else have hair that grows back coarser, curlier, and/or darker after years of pulling in the same hot spots?

Trichotillomania (TTM)

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  • Lexmatoushek


    I’ve noticed that when I pull my eyelashes they’ve grown back thicker and darker as if I’m wearing mascara… if that helps

  • Heatherbee


    Yes, I have obnoxiously coarse hairs on the cowlick on the crown of my head from repeated pulling

    • Heatherbee


      And then of course I'm way more likely to pull those hairs out again because they're coarse

  • Outdoorsii


    Yup Mines starting to be gray@!!!

  • Stefani


    It’s a common thing. I have family that are in cosmetology and they have told me it’s normal. Especially as we age for hair to change in coarseness or color. It’s not necessarily linked to pulling it out. What is effected by pulling your hair is the hair follicle which effects HOW the hair grows, IF it will grow back, and it also can damage the to the scalp and hair shaft.

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