a little TMI but how do you guys get yourself "cleared out"? like going to the bathroom. I am backed up really bad and myrolax isn't working very well

Intestinal Obstruction without Hernia

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  • Derek20


    Hi, you can always try to do enemas or regularly take stool softeners like Normalax or paraffin oil. If you still suffer from difficulty passing stool, you should go for a colonoscopy in order to rule out something blocking the colon.

  • breakingglad


    Bowel rest --- don't eat or drink anything besides just ice cubes for a day or three. Then when you start eating, just liquids like bone broth. Gradually introduce solids back until you're at your regular diet again

  • Deej3005


    I have exactly the same question - it’s incredibly painful and frustrating, is there any simpler way to do this?

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