I've been thinking alot,mainly overthinking and I don't really like how it's called Generalized Anxiety Disorder bc it almost feels invalidating bc it's just "normal anxiety" but sometimes it's debilitating.Does anybody else get that?

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  • Mami20


    ✋yes i just tell myself it’s because everything in general makes me anxious

    • chihiro.sen


      yeah i always thought it was called 'generalized' bc its not restricted to a specific thing like social anxiety, it follows us everywhere and affects our whole life.

  • karlielewis93


    I overthink as well my anxiety gets so bad that I refuse to go outside

  • AnimalBoy


    Is called generalized because it's anxiety in general as opposed to restricted to a specific topic like social anxiety, OCD, PTSD, etc. Not because it's stating a specific severity.

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