First day in a long time I feel stable. I’m just worried I’ll fall back again. I’m just so tired of crying everyday and not doing the things I need to take care of myself.


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  • Cm625


    💕 you got this! It’s hard but you’re human. We make mistakes and regret things in moments of weakness. If you need any help I’m always here

  • In_vino_veritas


    I know the fear of being knocked off the even keel once you've finally managed to get there and, the thing is, it will happen -it's going to happen -bad days and grumpy people will get in your way and knock you off your zen... BUT remember this feeling you have right now, accept that to feel strong we have to know weakness, and you will always be able to find your way back! You are stronger than your fear 🤍

  • thefloorislava


    I'm proud of you for taking time to acknowledge things are better. I think the best thing to do when u feel ok is to create habits that benefit you. If u get into a habit like skincare, daily showers, a 10 minute workout, or writing down things ure greatful for, these things that can keep u on track when crashing will be on autopilot.

  • NeedsRealHelp


    What's different about today if you don't mind me asking? I mean If you're worried about not falling back again, then what are you doing different today then yesterday?

    • Soupie


      That hovering depression feeling isn’t so compressing. I have the ability to push myself vs having no control at all.

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