my soon to be wife, split with me and I don't want to date anymore, I thought she was the one, I feel like I'm alone, I have never met á follow norse pagan, in the real world, I need a pagan woman


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  • SourLemons


    i'm really sorry that happened man i don't know nearly anything about being a norse pagan, but i hope you find healing soon. sending hugs ♡

  • ItsMeMTB


    Take this time to reflect and work on yourself! Rekindle old friendships. Live a bit and let them chase you. Trust me I kind of had the same thing. I had a highschool relationship that lasted 7 years. I proposed to her at Disney and she said yes. About 1/2 a year later she cheated on me...twice... It's been 3 years since then I now live in the city with 2 degrees (bachelors and associates) with a career I enjoy! Good luck with whatever you end up doing!

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