i’m so broke right now and i hate asking my mom for money and i have a job but i get paid bi weekly it’s stressing me out really bad because i owe money for dropping out of collage cause that was stressing me out and i got a credit card to buy my books and now i just can’t handle it and i feel like shit. i thought i was gonna be able to handle everything but it’s getting really hard.



Anxiety (Including GAD)


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  • darkstarrynight


    Being an adult isn't easy. Maybe try a side hustle with your job?, so that you won't have to ask her for money next time.

    • vctr


      i would love to do that but i don’t know what to do and when i don’t work i can’t even get myself up to eat half the time

      • careeryeti


        i feel this a lot

      • darkstarrynight


        if you are interested in or need ideas about entrepreneurship or side hustles, dm me and I can help.

  • coder87


    Money can be really hard. But your mom is there to help. Just try to do your best to improve your finances so you can pay her back

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