Does changes in Barometric Pressure & weather changes makes anyone else’s fibromyalgia symptoms worse? If so, how do you deal with it? For me, it’s getting so bad that I have to call out of work anytime it rains 🥲.

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  • frustratedfibro


    Yes! For me it gets bad with rain but it's terrible in winter. I take extra care of my body and take it slower. Yoga and layering clothes have helped me

  • Lunako


    Yes the rain is very hard on my body the pain is worse. Also the cold. I dread winter is on its way. 😥

  • Teardrops



  • Fluffy_Mingo


    Yup. It sucks

  • Mr.EMT


    Oh, absolutely- it gets SIGNIFICANTLY worse

  • Teardrops


    Oh ya. I might actually be doing fairly good. The BAM 💥 it hits me like the front door. I hurt so bad and migraines every day all day can’t sleep much but need to be in a silent cool dark room to veggie out. I might try to call into work. Or fake it and get ready and go in as we are short staffed. Finding a replacement is difficult.

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