I'm currently trying to better myself. I recently self sabotaged my relationship, and now Im trying to live life without a FP but it's so hard for me. I feel like I can't do anything by myself because I'm so dependent on them and the only thing that makes me feel worthy is taking care of them,which has led to a toxic cycle of codependency.

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

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  • depressed69


    Aye I get how that is, I either depend heavily on my loved ones or isolate from them and feel nothing but resentment or indifferent even though I love these people to death. I haven't had a FP for about three years and it sucks so bad, I heavily recommend trying your best to live in the moment rather than expressing yourself to others try to journal your thoughts and do self examining by acknowledging your flaws and pros and I want to stress heavily look at your pro's.

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