Dexedrine versus Ritalin? I'm contemplating asking my psychiatrist to trying Dexedrine . I feel like it stopped working for me.



Attention-Deficit Disorder


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  • ino


    All I've tried is stratra and Bupropion

  • Elisa


    Yeah... Ritalin can be like that. There's different types of Ritalin in different doses, if Ritalin was working for you mostly I'd ask about that first. However, I know nothing about Dexedrine. Good luck on the medication journey, hopefully it won't be as much of a rollercoaster as mine was.

  • Cindy33


    I have been taking Ritalin for years and it didn't stop working for me. When I felt that I needed more help I asked to increase the dosage. It's a great drug that can be taken safely every day and if it worked for you in the past it shouldn't change.

  • TeddyBoi


    I have too switch between ritalin 20mg 3 times a day too adderall 30mgs 2 times a day off and on as my tolerance builds to the one or the other.

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