Has anyone had all a sudden nauseous/dizziness and what felt like your nerves were burning throughout your body? I just had this experience. Ive been taking Paxil for about 4 days now. My left arm feels tingly and cold. Is this a side effect? Should I be concerned and message my Dr?

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  • Ewok


    oh thank you!!!! This was very helpful! ❤️. I haven't had many problems, but today I just woke up feel horrible, very nauseous, no appetite, dizzy and then the nerve thing all a sudden 🙄. Yeah, my left arm feel numb and tingling, driving me nuts! I also feel like I have phlegm or a nasty "cold" congestion in my throat and I can't get rid of it, did you have that too?

  • Demonneko91


    OMG yes I had that with Zoloft and now Prozac but also have this withput taking any meds. I think its a neurological reaction to stress as well as a possible medication side effect but my body is just not wanting to quit it.

    • Ewok


      oh no! It happens even off medication? That is the worst! So scary too! I am so sorry.

  • Gemini573


    Could you be having a panic attack?

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