I have some pretty noticeable self harm scars, (vitamin E helps get rid of them btw) I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to hide them and still look normal and for any recs on shops with good quality cheap clothes and arm/leg warmers and tights. please and thank you



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  • stormithegay


    I'm alt, so gloves work great for me without being suspicious

  • Deebee


    i have darker skin, so my scars stayed for a long time, but only recently started fading.if you’re not comfortable going out with them, and only when they’re healed you can put concealer on them, or you can buy clothes off romwe (they’re pretty cheap and their clothes are so cute!!) or get some bandaids that match your skin tone. also bracelets

  • Beach_Girllll


    I typically put a scrunchie or my apple watch on my wrist or a bunch of puravida bracelets. But sometimes when my marks are newer this doesn’t completely hide them, but I think it does the job considering most people aren’t looking for scars to be on your wrist

  • _js_c6_193


    I actually have a legit cut that I didn’t do on my arm that’s so dark and very noticeable. I have so many obvious scars on my arms and super self conscious about them at work bcuz we wear short sleeves. I work in a pediatrics office so when teens come in they know right away.

  • izzyr


    lots and lots of bracelets. that’s what i’ve always done, or concealer with powder on top, that only works if they’re older scars though. hope this helps 🖤

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