I am 48, and I have been experiencing very long yet light bleeding, sometimes 30 days. I am hoping I don't need a hysterectomy. my chart said it is fibroids.

Uterine Fibroids

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  • Firefly88


    Hiiiii, so I'm currently in the hospital bc of a hysterectomy. I had fibroids and one big as a Watermelon and was causing blockage on my left kidney. I cried Sat, Sun, Mon and Tuesday was the surgery. I wanted them removed bc my fibroids used to throb and throb and throb. I go home tomo. I'm in a lil pain and walking better. The choice is always yours but being that im here now I hope it was worth it. I can only let you know more in the near future. I'm 888_owl_888 on IG. Also UpfulBlends on IG, FB, Twalkdahulkfitness, Ancient Teas, Pirate Teas are ppl in some way can help shrink them with teas etc. I hope you feel and get better soon 😊

  • Lexi0719


    You don’t need a hysterectomy for fibroids , docts always push for this bc cysts and fibroids can reoccur so they push for a hysterectomy. Unless it’s a situation where it’s highly recommended for health purposes i would not do it. I turned it down twice when asked and I’m 38

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