hi, t1d since I was 8 years old. My weakness is sweets, but my A1c is good. mother to a non- diabetic 4 year old.

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  • Heidi_Black


    Awww!!! I have an 18 month old baby boy!! Isn’t motherhood the best ever?! I also love food haha, not just sweets. I’m so blessed that I found a health program that allowed me to go from 235 lbs to (still losing weight) 190 lbs! If you or someone you know might be interested, I’m learning how to be a health coach with this program so send them my way! As a type 1 diabetic I know how hard it is to lose weight but this program has made it easy to manage my blood sugars and lose weight, has changed my life in the best ways and blessed me and my family so much!

  • ZenithZ


    Hi! Everyone in my life always comments on how ironic it is that I'm t1d with a massive sweet tooth. My a1c is actually pretty good too

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