I just want to be able to finally be off medication and be able to fight my depression without it.

Insulin Glargine


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  • Alwaystired0704


    is there a reason why you don’t want to be on medication? is it because of awful side effects or something else? there’s nothing wrong with medicine and you shouldn’t tell yourself that there is :)

  • Angie


    Hi Leo, I felt the same for a long time till I understood that the goal for me is to feel good, regardless of the drugs.. thinking that made it easier for me

  • MrsSteele1


    Just be careful. Remember, as hard as it is to remember some days, if you were diabetic and needed insulin you'd take it and that would be normal. If you had high blood pressure you'd take the med for that. And so many other illnesses you'd take your meds for. You'd still do other things to help but you'd take the meds if you had to. Mental health is no different than any other health condition. If you don't need the meds great but if you do need them that's great too. Be safe

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