who else lives with constant back pain after spine surgery? and does anything help? I take ibuprofen or anything else that can kill the pain, but it doesn't take away the pain entirely. any suggestions?


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  • kennadryl


    I also do, sadly. You can take Tylenol with nsaids (which ibuprofen is) if you're able to have it. I personally use heating pads when I'm really bad, especially the ones that can get really hot. Massages also help in my experience but if you have nerve pain from it. Dear god don't tell them. I told my former masseuse that my sciatica was acting up... never again. I was bedridden for like 3 days. I had a hot tub at one point which also helped... until it met its unfortunate end via a hurricane. Miss her. Oh and If it's lower back pain, pillow under the lower/middle spine while laying flat to push that part of your spine into the position its supposed to be in. Doesn't help long term but it helps me relieve some of itat least for the moment. Hope this helps at all ❤️

  • Sunshine1953


    I have lived in pain since I was a child mine was due to abuse as a child. But now I am going to Orthopedic, Neurologist soon and arm,hand and shoulder specialist to see if the 3 of them can find relief from pain.I doing PT once a week since I work 4 days 12 hours and drive 90 minutes to and from work. The insurance is having me do this before any surgery. I am taking too many Aleves a day for pain.I used to go to Chiropractor but they only help pain temporary.I hope you find someone to help you.

  • Sunshine1953


    I have lived and worked most of my life in pain now worse due to unhealed correct healed broken collar bone when I was younger.I have pinched nerves and horrible pain PT isn't helping waiting for ARM specialist and Neurologist appointment. I have to work and believe that God will help pain soon for all of us here.🙏🙏🙏

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