how do you trick yourself into brushing your teeth? it always feels inconvient. when I remember I'm either about to eat, am eating or I don't want to because "what if I get hungry"


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  • sap


    Hmm..The way we see it, if you brush now then you’re *allowed* to eat. Then you can brush after eating again if it bothers you that your teeth are dirty now. Or brush ur teeth right when you’re going to bed so you know for a fact you won’t be eating after you’re done! (: hope this helps. If it’s too hard to brush in the morning might seem odd but make it a routine to do it at night. Everyone has their own ways of doing things so I’d say mess around with the timing that’ll make most sense for you

  • SoftCat


    I feel that way too, like to a certain point, you just have to get up. Maybe if you use the washroom before you sleep that'll be am excuse?

  • CheckMeowt


    QUIP Bluetooth toothbrush helps me. You get points for free things 😄

  • friesandrupees


    Get a really cool toothbrush. I’ve s always struggled with this my entire life. I have a quip and it vibrates. It’ll pulsate every 30 seconds letting you know when to switch quadrants. Makes me feel like I don’t have to think on it. It’s also become more satisfying to me knowing I’m getting the correct amount of teeth brushin’s lol mainly because if you do too much, you get recession. If you don’t do enough, you get buildup and will have to get fillings.

  • trail_happy


    I use the app tangerine to get myself to brush and shower. You get to make daily tasks for yourself to check off to start habits. It works for me!

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