getting ready to go off my meds for a little while because I didn't find a psychiatrist soon enough. all because I hate making phone calls, like the thought of it literally fills me with dread. and I'll be moving soon. so lots of activity and big things coming up so idk wish me luck I guess!

Bipolar 2 disorder

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  • mskittyx


    Good luck! Please be sure to be kind to yourself and ween off your medication slowly so you don’t slingshot. I’m rooting for you. Things can only get better right? Right? 😅

  • Slater


    I wish you the best! Be easy an patient on yourself, med changes suck and stopping meds altogether is even worse. Make sure you’re doing things safely and have at least one person you can rely on if you start having negative symptoms🫶🏻

  • BratCat


    Good luck!!! Don't forget to breathe ❤️

  • cinnamon_sunlight


    Hey, kinda been there. That sucks. I just wanted to hop on and say, if you happen to live in the US, a general practitioner or even urgent care can usually refill your prescription if you are in a bind! If you are able, I would try and reach out to one of those so you don’t have to go through withdrawal or rebound symptoms.

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